We are open Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm

One flat rate:  $175.00 weekly.

We require a $35 one time only registration fee for all families, per child.

Weekly fee covers everything from art supplies to food & drink. You only supply diapers if needed & children who maybe on a special diet are asked to provide their own food & drinks.

All children must have up to date shot record on file.

We report all earnings to the Internal Revenue Service so upon your depature with us, we will give you a child tax credit form. 

There are no credits given, no exceptions. If your child is absent payment is still expected to keep his or her spot.

We enforce late fees. ($1.00 per minute) 

We accept ages 18 months to 5 years of age.

We are closed on all major holidays.  We do provide you a 2 week notice of any closings.

**Holiday closings & breaks are always subject to change.

**I do normally close the week of Christmas till after New Years.

**Bad weather, we follow Metro's school closings on all bad weather. So always watch Channel 4's snowbird and other local news stations. If Metro schools are closed, we are closed. If they dismiss early, we dismiss early.

I do not accept government vouchers. We accept cash and check only.

* Returned checks : ( we charge $35.00 on returns (+) bank fees.

At lunch I firmly believe in prayer with the children before we eat. So if this is against your religious views I'm sorry, however we do pray and this will always be a part of our lunch time here in the daycare! We also celebrate all holidays!!

I do ask if your child is on a special diet by request, it is your responsibility to provide your child with their special meals & snacks.


Our daycare is always changing at a rapid speed. I firmly believe that a child can become bored with a game, toy or activity etc...within minutes. I'm very blessed to be able to "flip" out our toys etc...every quarter with new ones. I try to always bring in the newest big  toy items.

I provide mesh cots, handmade blankets & pillows for all children. We do not enforce nap time but do ask your child to remain on a cot and rest. Children are allowed and we request that they bring in something special from home to nap with. However we ask that no other outside toys be brought in. We do not use pack & plays. All children, all ages use cots.

Children here are taught manners, responsibility, and to love and care for one another.

We provide all new clients with a list of past and present up to date references.

Upon your arrivial with us all children are set up on a trial. This is usually determined by the first week. We have to make sure each and every child gets along well with others, sleeps well with others etc. And does not require special attention (such as needing to be held and or crying). This trial period could be less than a week. We do understand it takes time for adjustments. 

What makes us a little different from other home daycares is the fact that my home daycare is only for daycare purposes only! Once the last child leaves, the daycare is closed up! This isn't a room or area for my family. Daycare is over 800 sq ft, and also includes a children's restroom. Very convient for our families is we have a seperate entrance from our home allowing easy pick ups & drop offs. The children here are not wandering through our home, nor are they only required to stay in one small designated area. Here you will see our home daycare is set up like a actual daycare!

Come on in and view us, we would love to have you! We try to encourge for all interviews to be set up at least a week in advance of starting. 

 Please give us a call. 615.330.8168 If we are not available, please leave a message. We do return all calls.

*** Our website serves as a contract for all clients, upon your arrival with us you will be given a contact/contract form & there you will see a line that reads:

By signing here you agree that you have read all rules & regulations from our website. X_________________________


So please read all terms.

Contact us @ tld330@comcast.net (or) call (615) 330-8168



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